Total Boat Care Solutions

We admire & care for vessels as only an owner would expect, our top to bottom marine services cover all aspects of total boat maintenance  including underwater hull cleaning  & topside boat detailing.

Hull Cleaning

Maintaining your vessel in  peak operational condition starts below the waterline, Marine fouling greatly affects performance & operation, maintaining a clean hull & running gear is a top priority in saving costs of fuel and extending the life of your antifouling coatings.

In-Water Annode replacement

Galvanic corrosion can wreak havoc on running gear, Props / rudders / sail drives / thrusters, these components are expensive & require care, annode checks /reports  and replacement are part of our total boat care service


We offer HD Photo / Video inspections for your vessels or any structures you wish to report on, Photo & Video give you all the information you need about your underwater surfaces, take the mystery out of it and have a full inspection and report so you can plan maintenance & or Haul out before a problem arrises.

Machine Boat polishing & wax Deatiling

We are experts in Polishing Gel coats to a high gloss finish, maintaining your vessels outer surfaces & reamoving chalkyness using high quality compound and UV resistent waxes, we can transform the sleek look of all surfaces, hull sides and superstructure.

Boat wash & Detailing

Streak free full boat wash service and Detailing all areas outside and inside your vessel, maintaining a turnkey service where your vessel is in peak condition ready for walk on walk off service, Monthly wash and deatil service available.

Antifoul  Slipping Service

We are experts in haul out and Antifouling services in sydney, From Waterblast and fouling removal to paint surface preparation and applying 2 Coats of High Quality paints- Jotun / Altex No5/ international to the Hull, experts at propspeeding & all marine coatings inclusing base primers and  epoxy primers

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